Off Road & Specialty

With more and more forklift and tractor manufacturers designing vehicles with plastic and aluminum radiators, recoring these units has become more difficult and more expensive. Now there is a solution! New complete radiators for tractor and forklift applications are now available at a fraction of the cost of the original equipment price, while still maintaining a high level of performance.


Today’s lift trucks are demanding more from the cooling system than ever before. Hamilton Radiator is determined to provide lift truck radiators with leading edge technology and superior performance. Available in OE style copper brass, or plastic aluminum construction, our radiators are ready to install.


The radiators we supply are built to withstand the demands of agricultural needs. Higher fin contact, ribbed tank designs and heavy wall tubes combine to increase the strength and durability of our radiators giving you more comfort in the field.

Off Road

Our goal is to find you the parts you need when you need them. We work with different vendors that provide an unlimited array of cooling system products for numerous different applications. Whether you are in need of a radiator for a Road Grader, Back Hoe, or a Dozer, we can help find the one you need.